About the Sunshine Group

Meet Nancy and her team

The Sunshine Group is dedicated to providing convenience, professionalism, and the best customer service for your electronic payment and processing needs. Central-Indiana based and locally owned, we not only service Indianapolis and surrounding counties, but also small- to medium-sized locally owned businesses nationwide.

As founder and CEO, Nancy Sunshine has built a reputation for providing the best customer service to her clients. It’s not uncommon for Nancy to go “above and beyond” to assist in all her clients business-related needs.

Every business can benefit from an analysis of their credit card processing fees. The Sunshine Group offers a free analysis of your business to determine if you’re paying too much. In most instances, business owners don’t know what they don’t know.

Only through a brief analysis, which takes no longer than 30 minutes, will you know, as a business owner, if The Sunshine Group can help improve your merchant account experience.

I trust Nancy Sunshine with my credit card processing needs and can confidently say there aren’t a lot of people I can say that about. The trust factor with Nancy is huge. She offers competitive rates, far better than most credit card processors. And, Nancy takes a lot of work off my plate, because she addresses issues that come up and tells me after the fact that she’s handled them.

It was worth paying to get out of my previous provider and switch to Nancy as my rep. She has more than earned my business.

Nancy has helped me out with so much. Whether it was needing additional hardware or getting better deals on hardware on my POS system, Nancy would always look for ways to help make our business easier, alleviating my need to worry about this part of my business.


Owner, Caplingers Fresh Catch

Nancy is literally a ray of sunshine! She is a joy to work with and goes above and beyond for her clients.

She is super responsive and makes sure to follow-through on her commitments. I highly trust Nancy and would recommend her to anyone!

Nikki Lewallen

Owner, Rainmakers

AppleCrossing has been working with Nancy Sunshine and the Sunshine Group since its inception. I am proud to be able to call us one of the Sunshine Group’s first customers and have always been supremely impressed by their customer service and attention to detail. On the rare occasion when an issue would come up, Nancy addressed it immediately and saw it through to its resolution. Her “can do” attitude and persistence are just some of the many reasons we enjoy working with Nancy and The Sunshine Group. We consider her a great business partner and a great friend. We’d happily recommend Nancy and the Sunshine Group to any business, small or large.
James Cowell

Owner, Apple Crossing

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