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All of our work agreements are up front and transparent. We don’t believe in long term contracts.  We’ll work every month to keep your business and keep you happy!

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All of our payment processing solutions are the most cutting edge solutions available today. Likewise, all recommendations we make to you are tried and tested solutions that just plain work!

Frequently Asked Questions

Merchant account processing should be simple. There are plenty of options for you and if you’re don’t pay attention to some specific details on how your company accepts credit card payments, you could overpay.

We’ll show you how to steer clear of the problems that have cost so many business owners thousands of dollars in unnecessary merchant account fees.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with small and medium sized businesses. We have enterprise level solutions available too.  All of our merchant account and business payments solutions are customized to the needs of your business.

What rates and fees will I pay for accepting credit card payments?

Merchant account fees usually range from 2.00% to 3.50% of your monthly credit card volume. The specific charges vary based on the type of business you are and how you accept payments from your customers.

What factors determine how much I pay in merchant account fees?

There are cost and rate similarities in merchant account programs between businesses of similar industry type; i.e. one hair salon business will be able to qualify for similar rates as another hair salon but will be very different rates than an ecommerce store.

The following variables may go into pricing your merchant account fees:

  • Your type of business – the services or products that you sell and whether they are considered high risk
  • The amount of your average ticket
  • The frequency of transactions, i.e. how many you process each month
  • How you process transactions – retail vs. internet
  • The type of cards that you accept – business corporate cards vs. consumer cards

Specific rates are negotiated with your provider and depend on services given and other variables that pertain specifically to your business.


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